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Wisconsin Small Claims

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Small Claims State Research

Wisconsin small claims, small claims court is a special court where disputes are resolved more quickly andinexpensively than in other court proceedings. The rules in small claims court also are
simpler and less formal. The person who sues is called the plaintiff.The person who issued is called the defendant

The amount you can sue for in Wisconsin small claims is $10,000.00. Once a case is filed, the defendant must be served right way. The date is usually about 20-30 days out once filed. You must serve the defendant within 15 days.

Wisconsin small claims does allow you to use an attorney to represent your case. However, you might no be able to recover attorney fees once you win your case in small claims.

You can file a small claims in the county where the defendant reside, property is located, where the damages occurred., or where the claim arose. will prepare, file and serve your Wisconsin small claims. will assist you with your question in regards to the procedures required for the state of Wisconsin. will handle your entire Wisconsin small claims from start to finish.

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Use our Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) page to find the registered agents of the business entity you are trying to sue.


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