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North Carolina Small Claims

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Small Claims State Research

North Carolina Small claims court is part of the District Court Division. It handles civil cases where a plaintiff requests assignment to a magistrate and the amount in controversy is $10,000 or less. The principal relief sought in small claims court is money, the recovery of specific personal property, or summary ejectment (eviction). A magistrate presides over small claims court. There is no jury and usually no lawyers. A person who loses in small claims court may appeal for a trial by jury before a judge in District Court.

Once we file and serve your case, the trial date is usually within 20-30 depending on court docket. Will we notify you step-by-step and keep you informed.

Anyone 18 or over has the right to start a lawsuit in the North Carolina court system. If the lawsuit is for a claim of $10,000 or less, it can be brought into Small Claims Court, which is available in every county. This amount may be different in different counties. In North Carolina small claims court the case must be filed in the venue and county of the defendant. A person usually does not need a lawyer in Small Claims Court, whether that person is bringing the suit or defending against the suit. In some cases, though, you might need a lawyer, especially involving possible eviction by a landlord.

This court is not used for criminal offenses, traffic tickets, or disagreements over child support, among other things. You have to be 18 years old to use Small Claims Court. will assist you with your question in regards to judgment entry forms and additional procedures required for the state of North Carolina. will handle your entire North Carolina small claims from start to finish.

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