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When every other method to collect has failed, small claims is the right remedy to seek. Small claims is a lawyer free courtroom designed to hear public disputes in the presence of an actual judge. The associates of have assisted thousands of clients in the recovery of their money using the legal procedures of small claims courts.
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What happens once my small claims complaint has been filed?

After the small claims complaint has been filed, the plaintiff must serve the defendant(s) within the legal time frame permitting by the state of filing(check state statutes or contact Courtlinked. If the defendant is not served properly the case will pulled aside, dismissed, or another date will be set (giving you another 30-40 days to serve the defendant(s).

Once you order has been submitted, will file your small claims and make sure that the defendant(s) are served.

Ways the defendant can be served:

  • Certified Mail (some states)
  • Process Server/Investigator (Courtlinked Uses Process Servers & Sheriff Dept )
  • Sheriff Department
  • Third Party Individual

Once the defendant has been served, a proof of service must be filed with the courts. will file the proof of service with your court.


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