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When every other method to collect has failed, small claims is the right remedy to seek. Small claims is a lawyer free courtroom designed to hear public disputes in the presence of an actual judge. The associates of have assisted thousands of clients in the recovery of their money using the legal procedures of small claims courts.
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What is small claims court?

Small claims courts are courts of limited jurisdiction that hear civil cases between private litigants. Small claims court is a special court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively (a forum designed to hear cases without the presence of an attorney). Small claims rules are simple and informal (no legal language requirements are needed). The person that is suing is known as the plaintiff. The person being sued is called the defendant.

Individuals or business entities in United States can use small claims court to recover money damages. In some state, individuals and businesses can recover property (no specific performance is granted). Individuals can sue business entities, other individuals, government agencies, corporations, and organizations. Business entities can sue individual's other businesses, agencies and corporations.


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