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Whether its career reason, religious reason, divorce, or simply the dissatisfaction of your current name, let the experts at assist you with your legal name change procedures. The associates of have assisted thousands of adults and parents with their name change reasons.

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Basic State Guidelines & Legal Restrictions

One Word Characters and Numbers

One word characters and number can be used in your application, however some court reject this type of petitions. For example, you will have to provide a very good reason for this type of name change (one examples is career reasons).

Trademarked Names

If you want to use a trademarked name, you will need a rightful consent from the owner of that particular trademark.

Celebrity/Famous People's Names

Certain types of requests such as these can be slightly difficult during the approval process. The court may honor your request as long as it is not used for financial gain or for fraudulent reasons.

Derogatory and Racial Applications

Derogatory and Racial applications are rejected by the courts most of the time.

You cannot file a name change in order to:

  • Avoid Judgment, debts or any type of obligations.
  • Capitalize on trademarked or celebrity names (Living or Deceased).
  • Promote racial slurs or discrimination.
  • Promote or to cause violence.
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