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At, we recognize and respect the importance of maintaining the privacy of our customers and have established this Privacy Policy as a result. Below we describe what information we collect, how we collect it, what we use the information for and how you can instruct us if you prefer to limit the use of that information.
Why do we gather information?

Since our online inception in 2015, has consistently provided our customers with quality goods and excellent customer service. We gather personal information to allow us to process your orders, to provide an enhanced and more personalized shopping experience and to inform you of special offers and discounts.
What information do we gather?

Through our Web Site and emails, including when you submit your case, we may collect the following information: your name, telephone number, email address, and any recipient's name, address, telephone number and email address. Information you enter is not collected if you cancel or do not complete an order. 

How we use "cookies"

A "cookie" is a small file stored on your computer by a Web site which gives you a numeric user ID and stores certain information about your activity on the site. We use cookies to let us know that you are a prior customer and to provide certain features to you, for example to store information on your product selections as you look on our site, but we do not store any personal information (except your name and shipping information) or financial information about you using cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but most allow you to instruct your browser to prevent the use of cookies. However, if you disable this feature, the shopping basket will not function properly.
How we use the information we collect about you

We use information we collect from you to process your orders, to provide an enhanced and more personalized shopping experience and to inform you of offers and discounts from We never make such information available to other parties. Should you ever receive an email offer from us, you will be given the opportunity to opt out at any time.  You may remove your email address from our mailing list by clicking on unsubscribe.

Your credit card transactions are secure with We process all credit cards online through Also, your browser may give you a pop-up message that you're about to enter a secure area. We are also an active member of the Better Business Bureau. Please click the link below to view our reliability report.
Please contact us at the below information with any questions or comments.

Customer Service Hours - 8:30AM - 4PM Monday - Friday (Pacific Time)

Customer Service Number - 800-327-1031

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Mailing Location - P. O. Box 3595. Granada Hills, CA 91326


Terms of Use is not a law firm and we are not attorneys. We only provide self help document preparation services at your specific direction. You represent yourself. does not practice law, nor offer to practice law, nor provide legal services in any jurisdiction whatsoever., is a professional documentation firm structured to assist our clients with their common PRO SE legal matters. is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or establish a client attorney relationship. Courtlinked's main focus is to provide award winning customer service and to help our clients save money by offering attorney free prices. was engineered to assist individuals nationwide with their small claims matters. As the company grew so did our services. Now is proud to offer other services at affordable prices. You are encouraged to consult with a license attorney in your state before utilizing any service online. simply handles court filing of your PRO-SE submitted case, court notifications, and defendant service management., is not a law firm, and the employees of do not furnish, or provide any legal advice. The site of does not represent an attorney-client relationship. By using the services of no attorney-client relationship is created. You are representing yourself in any legal matter when you undertake using the services offered by will professionally review your documents for common mistakes such as grammar, spelling, etc. At no time will draw legal conclusions, provide legal advice or apply certain statutes/laws to your situation.  The legal information obtained on this site is not intended as legal advice. Because the law changes rapidly, updates the site on a weekly basis; however the contents offered on the site are not guaranteed to be correct or up-to-date.  This site is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney and we recommend that you seek legal counsel prior to your order. is a court filing program., is not responsible for injuries, claims, liability, damages, appeals, or any loss related to the use of our services or the site contents. Please use the site at your own risk. Before using any services, please consult with a licensed attorney in your state. For small claims action, it is the responsibility of the individual filing the suit to make the representation on that given court date. is not responsibility for small claims statutes of limitations, case dismissal, counterclaims, appeals, or case rejections, traveling fees (cases in other states), court clerical errors/mistake, and expenses. Please check with your state laws in regards to statutes of limitation prior filing small claims. If your statutes of limitation is running, please contact your courthouse or file direct. Courtlinked is does not guaranteed the service of process on defendant(s) if their address is insufficient or if the defendant(s) have relocated to another country or simply avoiding service (we will do our best to track/serve the other party). Courtlinked is not an investigation firm and will not locate your defendant (all address must be provided by the filing party; searches maybe conducted to assist our clients, but does not guaranteed results). does not represent individuals or businesses in small claims hearing. It is the responsibility of the plaintiff to provide a valid address and to check the status of small claims serve(s) prior to any travel arrangements/court appearance. Courtlinked does not have any control over court dates, calendaring of cases, or case docketing. The client is responsible for trial representation, statutes of limitations, changes of dates and resets. The demand letter is not a legal letter. It is part of the small claims procedure. If you need a legal letter, please consult a licensed attorney in your state.

100% Money Back Refund Guarantee (on site): Refund is given once the application has been returned to Courtlinked's business location. There will be no refunds on filed small claims cases. If your filing is not accepted by the courts, Courtlinked will refund 100% of your purchase price upon return of the documents to Courtlinked's business location. does not guarantee the serving of your defendant(s). Servings are done by Third Party processing firms; which charge per attempt. No Refund will be applied to cases that the defendant(s) is not served. Small claims service fees are added to the complaint against the defendant; however it is up to the discretion of the courts/judges to reimburse our service/court fees. reserves the right to cancel cases/orders at anytime. Refunds are not given on filed cases. It is the responsibility of the claimant to reset their case/hearing dates. Courtlinked does not handle counter-suit cases; if counter-suit assistance is provided, claimant takes full responsibility of documents, court dates, extensions, filing dates, docketing dates, and submissions. Courtlinked does not handle appeal procedures. Appeals must be submitted by the claimant. As a courtesy, we will try our best to research and find the forms you require but filing court motions (reset, appeals, dismissal, etc) falls within the liability of the client. You will not receive a refund if your case is dismissed, or you simply lose the case. Refunds are not provided for Approved Demand Letters (Demand letters are mailed certified and copies are also mailed 1st class; 2-3 days apart). You will receive a full refund if the courthouse rejects our name change petitions/documents only. You will not receive a refund if the courthouse/judge rejects or denies your name change application/request. Judgment Collection is not a guarantee of recovery of your judgment. The price includes a one-time court filing fee and one serving of the debtor via private process.